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You spoke, we listened...  

As Simplicity Video grows and users find new ways to incorporate video into their everyday lives, we at Carousel Industries are listening to your requests and working hard to ensure Simplicity Video becomes part of your corporate DNA.  

This page highlights some of the new features and functionality that are new to Simplicity Video.  If you'd rather just hop in the drivers seat and give it a spin select the Give It A Try button.  

Actual call.  The remote image goes all the way to the edge of the screen unobstructed so users can focus on the call.  *Self View was manually minimized*

The browser based conferencing experience has undergone a radical over haul.  One major complaint has been that it takes too long to get into your conference.  We've streamlined how you now join a call.  We will now use your computer defaults for Camera and Mic source and get you into the call with fewer mouse clicks.  If you would like to change these selections you can make the edits in the Settings tab and your session will update without having to drop out of the call and dial back in.  


In order to maximize your screen real estate the participant roster and chat windows will start out minimized which means there is more screen for video.  Also, the Self View window can be moved around the screen or minimized to avoid covering up an important participant or portion of a document.  



You are now able to customize your view with the 6 layouts available.  Each VMR will have a default layout but each user is able to customize their layout to their own liking.   


Audio-only participants will no longer take over the entire screen when speaking.  This allows all of the video participants to continue to see each other without any interruptions while maintaining a truly collaborative meeting.

There is now an icon indicating who is speaking.  The roster will place an icon next to the active speaker as well as indicate who is muted.




Secure your conferences with a custom numeric passcode that you control.  One complaint about any form of conferencing is that it takes too long to get a meeting started.  In order to streamline the login process we have removed the need for entry PIN's.  Now when you need to get in a call there are fewer hurdles in your way by default.  However we realize that some people like the extra security that the PIN provides so we are now allowing users to secure their meetings with their own custom passcode.  By signing into the Simplicity Video service using your SIP alias and existing host PIN you can secure your VMR (CoSpace) with a custom passcode that all participants will use.  No more worries about handing out the wrong PIN to guests, everyone uses the same PIN for entry.  


The original concept for Simplicity Video was to provide a video conferencing solution that was so easy that a user would not need to install anything to start conferencing.  WebRTC and WebRTC compatible browsers make this concept a reality.  Unfortunately Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) and Apple's Safari browsers do not support WebRTC.  We were able to get around this limitation by leveraging Adobe Flash but the experience was sub-par.  Going forward the first time a new IE or Safari user tries to join a Simplicity Video meeting they will be required to install the video client.  Once installed the app will automatically launch when following a link to a Simplicity Video meeting.  The client provides the same look and feel as the WebRTC client with the echo cancellation and content sharing capabilities that were missing from the Adobe Flash experience.