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Getting started

Joining a Simplicity Video meeting is as easy as 1, 2, 3.  

  1. Click JOIN A MEETING at the top of this page

  2. Select Join Call, enter the Conference ID and your Name  

  3. Click Join Call!  

You can join via Telephone by dialing: +1-401-667-5427

Firewall Considerations

If you're not receiving video from Simplicity Video you may be experiencing a firewall issue.  If you've done any video conferencing in the past you likely have the required ports open, but if you are new to video conferencing the diagrams below should help resolve any possible issues.

Test your browser before your call

We recommend that you use the following link to test your browser before your first call.  If there are any issues you can check our FAQ for some quick answers or give us a call to help troubleshoot your issue.  The link should show you our Simplicity Video logo and you should hear the Welcome recording.  If you do not see or hear these options please contact support for further troubleshooting.  

Click here to test your browser



The Simplicity Video Outlook Plugin allows a user to schedule a Simplicity Video meeting with 1 click.

Please choose the appropriate installer from the list below.


Simplicity Video Outlook (32 bit) Plugin for Windows

Simplicity Video Outlook (64 bit) Plugin for Windows




+ What web browser versions are supported?

A: See table below.

Internet ExplorerVersion 10 or newer
SafariVersion 6 or newer
FirefoxVersion 20 or newer
ChromeVersion 27 or newer

*Note Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Apple's Safari do not support the WebRTC standard at this time. Users reliant upon those browsers must install the application to use the service.

+ I am joining for the first time and the screen seems to be stuck on the login?

A: This is a common experience because of an easy oversight. Your web browser needs your permission to access your microphone and webcamera. The location of the permission generally is located directly under the URL bar where the web
address is listed. Simply select ‘allow’ and you will join the meeting.

+ I want to change my audio or video source selection, can I do this?

A: Once you Allow your video and microphone to work with Simplicity you can change the Camera or Microphone source under the Settings wheel.

+ Is there any difference in experience between various web browsers?

A: Yes there are slight variations in experience between the various web browsers, most notably with sharing content. The only browser that supports full content sharing, including the ability to select either an entire screen to share or just an application, is Chrome. Firefox will allow you to share any open application. The installable application also allows sharing of a full monitor or an individual application.

+ Do I need to download anything before I can share content with Chrome?

A: Yes. The first time you attempt to share your screen or an application you will be notified that you need to install a Chrome extension. This is very quick, once installed however you will need to restart Chrome and rejoin the meeting. You can download the extension here, then restart your browser.

+ Can I use Lync or Skype for Business to join my meeting?

A: Yes you can. You will need to enter your conference ID and Simplicity Domain into your Lync “Find a contact or dial a number” field to join. The dial string will look like

+ Can I record my meeting?

A: Simplicity Video does not record video conferences. This will be available in a future release.

+ Can I use my webcam?

A: Absolutely, simply change your camera source in the Settings screen while in your VMR.

+ How do I ensure my camera is working?

A: When you first join your VMR you will see a Self-View window in the upper left-hand side of the screen. If you only see a black image your camera source is malfunctioning or you have something covering your camera.

+ Is there an easy way to put my conference details into my meeting invites?

A: Yes, you are provided commonly shared meeting details in your “Welcome to Simplicity” account activation email.
Outlook users may wish to use the Video Meeting plugin available from the Downloads section to enable one click meeting creation.
You may also leverage the Invite button in your VMR. This is a quick way to invite people to an impromptu meeting.

+ I have a smartphone. What are the Mobile HW/SW options for participating in Simplicity meetings?

A: You can certainly dial into the meeting via audio. That is the traditional route for mobile users, Dial 1-
401-667-5427 then enter conference ID followed by "#". You will be placed into the call. Please mute if you’re on the move…
Tablet and Smartphone users, REJOICE! Simplicity is built on a mobile friendly WebRTC platform. Android devices can connect with Chrome while IOS users can use 3rd party applications such as Polycom RealPresence Mobile, Microsoft Lync for IOS, or the Acano mobile app.

+ I have a traditional set-top codec. How do I join??

  • H.323 systems can dial directly to our IP address: to enter our Auto Attendant. You will be promted for the numeric conference ID followed by a # sign.
    • To dial directly into your conference you can dial "ConferenceID"@
  • SIP systems can dial "ConferenceID" to enter the call directly.
    • No Auto Attendant is required for SIP calls.

+ How many participants can join a Simplicity meeting?

A: Up to 25 users can access a VMR.

+ How do I secure my meeting?

A: Sign into your Space. Select the 'Spaces' tab. Click the 'Edit' button on the right. You can now enter a numeric passcode and save it. This passcode will be required for ALL users to join the meeting. The password can be changed as often as necessary.

+ Where can I find all dial methods including the conference password (if one is assigned)?

A: Sign into your Space. Selecte the 'Spaces' tab. Click the 'Invite' button to the right for the three options below.

+ Can I disconnect participants from my meeting?

A: Yes. First you must be signed in and connected to the video conference. Click the ‘participant’ icon to display the participants list. Left click on the user you wish to disconnect and select ‘remove’.

+ I'd really like to know who is talking. Can I get some labels?

A: Sorry, that feature didn't make this release, but is on roadmap for future release of Simplicity. Some webcam users have experimented successfully with 3rd party apps such as ManyCam to add “lower third” titles to their individual camera.

+ I forgot my Conference Pin, what now?

A: You can now change or remove your conference pin by logging into your administrative account and changing the passcode on your VMR (CoSpace). If you have forgotten your administrative account password please email the Simplicity Video team at

A: Sounds like you may have setup a non-supported browser as your default. Please ensure you are using IE 10, Chrome or Firefox or consider downloading the standalone installable client. It looks, feels and acts just like the web version. See Supported Web Browsers at the top of the FAQ


Contact Support

Contact Support

We are here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  If you encounter any issues with the service please reach out to our technicians via telephone or email.

24x365 Helpdesk telephone number: 1-866-408-4596  

Open a ticket via Email: