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For any questions on the features or pricing of Simplicity Video please call 855-835-4501 to speak to one of our representatives.

How it Works...

More capabilities, fewer restrictions and lower costing solutions. Our new flexible, public cloud-based video solution will improve workforce communications and collaboration. It’s a business grade multipoint video conferencing solution that offers scalable options and fewer restrictions!

Joining a video meeting has never been easier

  • Step 1 – Enter your conference name
  • Step 2 – Click Join
  • Step 3 – Enjoy your meeting!

Click here to join your meeting!

You can always Join a meeting via Telephone by dialing +1-401-667-5427

Need help??

If you have a question our Frequently Asked Questions page is a great place to start!

Request a demo account

Request a 30 day demo account or speak to a Simplicity Video agent at 855-835-4501 and let them show you just how simple video conferencing can be.  


No commitments, no minimums and unlimited usage all for one low monthly cost. Pay as you grow - expand at anytime.