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+ Seems like a lot of options in order to use browsers for Video - Is there an easier way?

A: Although in general any confusion in using browsers is overcome after first use, due to the variations between browsers, experience, and settings some people prefer an alternative. Anyone that is interested in a dedicated application for Video Conferencing on Simplicity can download the Simplicity Video Connect App Here.

+ What web browser versions are supported?

A: See table below.

Internet Explorer*Version 10 or newer
Safari*Version 6 or newer
FirefoxVersion 20 or newer
ChromeVersion 27 or newer

*Note for Internet Explorer and Safari only, the first time you attempt to join a meeting you will be prompted to install a flash plug-in.

+ I am joining for the first time and the screen seems to be stuck on the login?

A: This is a common experience because of an easy oversight. Your web browser needs your permission to access your microphone and webcamera. The location of the permission generally is located directly under the URL bar where the web address is listed. Simply select ‘allow’ and you will join the meeting.

+ I want to change my audio or video source selection, can I do this?

A: Upon entering the meeting you will be asked to specify your desired Camera and Microphone - the system will indicate that both are working by giving you a green bar indicating that the system is receiving your audio and you will see a self view image indicating your camera is working.

**If your settings do not change on a day-2-day basis you can check the "Always start media..." option to skip this step in the future.

+ Is there any difference in experience between various web browsers?

A: Yes there are slight variations in experience between the various web browsers, most notably with sharing content. The only browser that supports full content sharing including the ability to select both a screen to share or an application to share is Chrome. Using any of the browsers you may upload images or PDF's to the server to share in the meeting.

+ Do I need to download anything before I can share content with Chrome?

A: Yes. The first time you attempt to share your screen or an application you will be notified that you need to install a Chrome extension. This is very quick, once installed however you will need to restart Chrome and rejoin the meeting so it is recommended you do this ahead of joining a live meeting by either joining your own virtual meeting room (VMR) to share content or by joining the test VMR (Conference ID: test) and clicking the content icon to go through the process.

+ Can I use Lync to join my meeting?

A: Yes you can. You will need to enter your conference ID and Simplicity Domain into your Lync “Find a contact or dial a number” field to join. The dial string will look like (note, either your alpha or numeric conference ID will work.).

+ Can I record my meeting?

A: Simplicity Video does not record video conferences itself but it can leverage existing recording and content distribution networks (CDN's) to record and stream your conference. Carousel has many partners who specialize in this arena and together we can build you a solution that is custom and fully integrated. We can also stream out to YouTube if you have a scheduled event and wish to leverage their existing solution. For more info on how to use SimplicityVideo with YouTube visit our Streaming and Recording page.

For Managed Private Cloud customers, if imbedded recording was developed as part of your solution then yes you are able to record your meeting.

+ Can I use my webcam?

A: Absolutely, simply change your camera source using the dropdown menu on the inital options menu upon joining the SimplicityVideo Meeting.

If this source is not working see "I want to change my audio or video source" section above.

+ How do I ensure my camera and microphone are working?

A: The source selection menu that first comes up when joining a VMR has a bar that is a graphical representation of the audio the system is receiving - a green bar indicates that the system is receiving your audio. This menu also has a self-view window which will show you what image you will be broadcasting when you join the meeting.

+ Is there an easy way to put my conference details into my meeting invites?

A: Yes, simply download the Outlook Plugin located here. This will create an icon on your Outlook Calendar page that you can click on for a video meeting with your details pre-populated. The first time you use the plug-in you will need to enter your conference details and select your desired dial-in details to include.

Example invite created by the plugin:

+ I have a smartphone. What are the Mobile HW/SW options for participating in Simplicity meetings?

A: You can certainly dial into the meeting via audio. That is the traditional route for mobile users, Dial 1- 401-667-5427 then enter conference ID followed by "#". You will be placed into the call. Please mute if you’re on the move… Tablet and Smartphone users, REJOICE! Simplicity is built on a mobile friendly WebRTC platform. Android devices can connect with Chrome while IOS users can use a 3rd party application such as Polycom RealPresence Mobile or an Enterprise UC client such as Microsoft Lync for IOS.

+ I have a traditional set-top codec. How do I join??

  • H.323 systems can dial directly to our IP address: to enter our Auto Attendant. You will be promted for the numeric conference ID followed by a # sign.
    • To dial directly into your conference you can dial "ConferenceID"@
  • SIP systems can dial "ConferenceID" to enter the call directly.
    • No Auto Attendant is required for SIP calls.

+ How many participants can join a Simplicity meeting?

A: Up to 25 users can access a VMR. For larger gatherings please contact us about arranging a Virtual Auditorium.

+ I've dialed into a call early what should I expect to see and hear?

A: If it's a call you're hosting you will see yourself until others join. If you are a participant you will be connected into the call or notified periodically pending Hosts arrival.

+ My Host has dropped off early. Can we continue using the virtual Meeting Room(VMR)?

A: Briefly, yes. You have 10 minutes to bid adieu to your fellow participants.

+ I'd really like to know who is talking. Can I get some labels?

A: Sorry, that feature didn't make this release, but is on roadmap for future release of Simplicity. Some webcam users have experimented successfully with 3rd party apps such as ManyCam to add “lower third” titles to their individual camera.

+ I forgot my Host Pin, what now?

A: Please use your registered email to contact requesting password reset.

+ Can I lock my call after attendance is taken?

A: Yes, as the host you may lock your conference by expanding the conference options menu and selecting Lock Conference.

Once locked the conference icon will show a red pad-lock indicating that the conference is locked.

You may unlock the conference by selecting UnLock conference under the Conference Options menu.

+ What happens if I lose a participant after locking my call?

A: If your conference is locked and someone attempts to join the call, either because they accidentially disconnected or they were running late, the Host will be notified of the person trying to join the call and they may either accept or reject the person - all without having to unlock the call!

+ I went to the Carouselindustries website and clicked on the LOGIN link under "Already a Simplicity Video Customer? Login to the Simplicity Video portal." The resulting window only displays a backdrop?

A: Sounds like you may have setup a non-supported browser as your default. Please ensure you are using IE 10 with Flash, Chrome or Firefox or consider downloading the standalone Simplicity App. It looks, feels and acts just like the web version. See Supported Web Browsers at the top of the FAQ